Earliest Traces of Our Family

Matias LUTZ

born: about 1810
married: about 1831 to Barbara LANG or LONG
died: ??

children: two sons (one named Johann?) and one daughter

Matias was the "Schultz" (Keeper of the Peace/Mayor) of Gassendorf, Galicia (then part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire). His parents came from the southwest part of Bavaria. Gassendorf is near Stryj on the Stryj River, north of the Carpathian Mountains and is now part of the Ukraine. Galicia was an independent kingdom in the middle ages, became part of Poland in the 1300s, was part of Austria in the 1700s, gained limited self-rule from Austria in 1867, became part of Poland again after WWI (1918) and the eastern part of Galicia became part of Russia after WWII (1945).

We believe that one of Matias and Barbara's sons was named Johann.

Other families that are closely connected are the ULMERS and the WEBERS.